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We are a growing club involved with the sport of Bike Polo and have many members that participate in inter club tournaments as well as international bike polo tournaments. The following pages will give you an idea of Bike Polo, where we have and are going to compete and some pictures of the members and events.

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Oakenden Pedallers Bike Polo are based in North Kent and during the bike polo season (march to october) we practice during the weekends and evenings where possible on our own practice pitch.

We have our own bikes and equipment that are available to use should you wish to come and join us for a practice.

On this web site, we'll introduce our club and give some examples of the types of competitions we're involved in. We are the fastest growing Bike Polo club in England.

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What a great weekend..............teams from France, America and England battled it out for the second time at Vigo. The sun shone down and the beer flowed over the course of the weekend with VCF Sanvic finally coming out overall winners.

Thanks yet again to Vigo Rugby Club for hosting the event, preparing the pitches and keeping the bar open and to all the other helpers throughout the course of the weekend for making yet another memorable event!

As usual we received a very warm welcome from our Irish hosts and all the other teams - it was great to see everyone after the winter break and there was some top quality bike polo played over the 3 days. Participating teams were:

Phoenix (Ireland)
Obelisk (Ireland)
Johnstone Wheelers (Scotland)
Oakenden Pedallers 1 (England)
Oakenden Pedallers 2 (England)
Pessac Alouette (France)
St Pierre de Varengevillaises (France)
V.C Frileuse Sanvic (France)
Unionville (USA)

Sports you did not know existed

Bike polo is a sport that is practiced even more often than others. People have fun in many different ways and they constantly invent brand new games and sports to avoid boredom. If a sport will exercise both brain and body, it might increase in popularity overnight. But here are a few sports you never knew they existed.

Games that Millennials like to play

There are a lot of things that differ Millennials from the older generation of people nowadays. For the most part, the things that they like to do is so much different than the things that wera se considered to be popular way back when. This goes the same for gaming. Millennials like to play different types of games than the ones that the older generations used to.

Games Millennials play

One of the main thing that sets apart Millennial gaming than the others is that they are more into the digital side of things. Video games and mobile phone games are more preferable to this generation than any other type of gaming that is out there.

A study made in the US states that about 60% of most adults ranging from 18 to 29 years old prefer to spend their free time on video games than any other pastime. These Millennials would also rather use their smartphones as a means of playing online games rather than go out to places such as casinos to enjoy the same games that they already do through their mobiles.

This is actually a great thing for some casinos who have brought their services online. Not only are they able to cater to this younger generation. But the cost of keeping up with a website is actually more efficient than having to maintain a whole building. These businesses have now moved online and are able to cater to more gamblers than ever before. They have also designed casino games that are more exciting than ever before.

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Weird and funny sports in London

Wife carrying – men would say it is not a sport and they have to deal it for as long as they live. But this sport invented in Finland actually gained some fans and it is even a championship in North America, Maine. The competitors will have to carry their wives across a curse and those who will finish in the shortest time will win the championship. Those who will drop their wives – ouch! – will have to start over. If the wife agrees, of course. Extreme ironing a sport that wives will love, especially if their husbands will be those you practice this interesting sport. All it takes is wrinkled clothing, an ironing board, an iron and a jump from a plane. While you will be up in the air and before opening your parachute, you will have to perfectly iron the clothes. Otherwise your wife may be upset.

Enter a life-sized hamster ball and try playing zorbing in London, this sport you never heard of. The more friends you play it, the merrier. Bring a lovely UK girl and she will enjoy practicing this sport that originates in New Zeeland. It is not competitive and you can play it even on water for more intense sensations. But if you wish to watch how a woman will release her anger, you must go to a pillow fighting game. Keep in mind that those pillows are thoroughly checked for foreign objects – no, there are not any bricks hidden in the pillow.

There is always room for a new sport

Cycleball is another game that you probably have not heard of before. It is somehow similar to bike polo, only that the players will play soccer on bicycles. There are not just ordinary bicycles, because you can control the ball with the bike. You will have no breaks, so collisions might get a bit too hard for those white-livered. A unique sport you will love to play is skibobbing. It mixes mountain biking with skiing and provides some thrilling sensations on the snow slope. You may reach the speed of 120 mph, but how fun can it be, knowing that you do not have breaks?

Adrenaline junkies who enjoy skiing should not miss kitewinging, this impressive sport that combines skiing with flying. But you will have to ski at a high speed if you wish to reach up in the air. Try this great outdoor activity and you will sure feel great feeling the wind blowing below. Give these unique sports a try – you will find the rules and even venues where you can practice them. Gather your friends and be prepared to have some fun together!